Cannabis Grow Lights – Growing Cannabis With Led Grow Lights

Throughout history, the cannabis plant has been grown and revered by cultures throughout the world. Some early American laws mandated that farmers must grow Cannabis (hemp), or face being jailed for not doing so. As recent as 1850, the US Census reported 8,327 hemp plantations (minimum 2,000 acres) producing this amazing plant for fabrics, medicines and other purposes.

The path to making Cannabis illegal started with racism towards Mexican workers entering the US. Tension built between farmers who used their cheap labor, vs those who didn't, and as a result the first states began outlawing Marijuana in the 1910's.

A legislator from Montana commented that "When some beet field peon takes a few traces of this stuff... he thinks he has just been elected president of Mexico, so he starts out to execute all his political enemies." Racist remarks like this heard all over America, aided in outlawing Cannabis (labeled Marihuana at the time to confuse the public). On August 2, 1937, Cannabis Growing and possession became illegal federally.

Just as the prohibition lead to Speak-Easy's, Organized Crime, and Al-Capone, the outlawing of marijuana had a similar effect, creating an entirely new, black-market industry. The US government spends billions of dollars each year trying to curb Cannabis growing, but despite their efforts Cannabis Growing has become the #1 Cash Crop in America. Estimates total this industry at over $35 Billion per year.

In recent years several states have enacted Medical Marijuana laws, allowing persons to use Cannabis as a form of medical treatment. These laws have opened the doors for patients to begin their own Cannabis Gardens, even though it remains illegal federally. But Cannabis isn't just any plant, it has specific needs and requirements in order to grow properly, and produce quality medicine. Cannabis requires high light output levels to thrive, and if not given the proper wavelengths, THC/resin production will suffer greatly.

Quantum Pro-Bloom LED Grow Lights from Grow Stealth LED are the perfect Cannabis Grow Lights. Pro-Bloom LED Grow lights emit a spectrum that is up to 100% absorbed by Cannabis. These lights also include an additional wavelength, which increases resin and THC production in flowering plants. Their Cannabis Grow Lights focus on the quantum efficiency of cannabis, allowing for decreased growth times and increased yields. Quantum efficiency focuses on the number of photons required for the formation of one oxygen molecule in photosynthesis ( a byproduct of CO2, Water, and Light). Many scientists have long believed that plants absorb little to no light in the 500-600nm region of PAR, however new research has shown that light in this region plays a vital role in growth times, yield, and photosynthetic efficiency.

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